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Boydem is a warehouse of props, furniture and uniform costumes for rent for the  purpose of shooting feature films, television dramas, commercials, image films and theatre productions and other performance productions.


Thousands of items are available from every subject  with an emphasis on vintage and collectable items.


Boydem is arranged in a display by topics

Since every item is unique we found the best way for us to be of service to you, our customer is to send a real time picture of the item you are searching , this way you can see the state and condition of it and we can save you precious time, ask for an item and we will send you a picture at the current day. You are always welcome to stroll our aisles with a cup of espresso in your hand, picking what is best suited for your production. You can pick the equipment suited to your production and have it ready and packed on the day of your choice

We take special care to provide service in the highest level and we are available to consult in finding the right thing for your production.  We are always searching for equipment , as a part of this policy we bought the historical props and furniture warehouse of channel 1  

We have 2 rooms that are available for rent for productions on a weekly or monthly basis, 16 square meter and 22 square meter.

Tel: 972-3-6963027

Mail: boydemtelaviv@gmail.com

Our address is Shtulim street 36, Tel aviv

We are open Sunday till Thursday 8:00 – 17:00

900 meter from Kibutz galuyot exit in Ayalon ways  by car and lines 16, 4, 304 by bus from Central station in Tel aviv.